About Nerdina

Nerdina is a forum for elemtary, middle and high school girls whose goal is to develop young women as technology leaders and innovators. In order to become innovators and invent new products, we must have a solid knowledge of the fundamentals. We can't know where we are going without knowing where we came from. Interested girls can form Nerdina Clubs at their school or begin learning independently and request a Nerdina Kit.


Launch a Nerdina Club in your school or or express an individual interest in Nerdina's activities and receive a Nerdina Kit. The Nerdina kit contains the items necessary for students to perform experiments and gain a practical understanding of the technologies that form the backbone of the digital world. Nerdinas can watch YouTube tutorial videos to get started performing experiments, learning about how gadgets are built and building your own simple gadgets and can request additional help if needed.


Use the Nerdina website or app's discussion forum to chat with other Nerdinas about ideas for projects and current developments in technology and meet others with similar interests.


Attend monthly Young Innovators Meet-ups feauting current women leaders in the field of technoogy. Interact with these accomplished women, learn about their fascinating work, ask questions and meet other Nerdinas.