Nerdina Kit: Intermediate

The goal of Nerdina is to develop young women leaders in technology by learning about the technology around us, how it is built and how it works. In order for students to be prepared for leadership in technology, we need to gain a fundamental understanding of the building blocks. The present curriculum in schools is focused mostly on teaching coding to students and not adequately on imparting practical knowledge about the foundations of the digital world such as web technologies, networking concepts and microelectronics.

The Nerdina Kit and the YouTube videos on the Nerdinas channel aim to bridge that gap. The Nerdina Kit contains the items necessary for students to perform experiments and gain a practical understanding of the technologies that form the backbone of the digital world.

Soldering Tutorial

Continue building simple circuits using a breadboard and learn how to make your creations permanent. The intermediate version of the Nerdina Kit includes everything you will need to begin soldering your own circuits along with a supplemental easy-to-follow YouTube video teaching safe soldering techniques.

Configuring a Router

Routers enable us to connect to the Internet. Learn how to set up an Internet Connection and configure settings using a router included in the Intermediate Nerdina Kit.

Interested in Receiving a Nerdina Kit?

Would you like to receive a Nerdina Kit for your school? Email INFO@NERDINA.ORG with information about yourself and school and tell us why you would like to start a Nerdina Club. If you would like the Nerdina Kit to perform experiments on your own, tell us a little about yourself and why you would like a kit. You may even qualify for a free kit!